Frequently Asked Questions

Below FAQ are some common concerns of our customer's before purchasing Halawa Wax, if you have other questions,
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Arabs invented Halawa Wax, a natural and age-old hair removal technique. This sugar-based wax is well-known for its ability to effectively remove unwanted hair.

After giving your skin a good wash, gently dry. Make sure there is no oil or moisture on your skin. Using your fingers, apply the desired amount of wax to the hair roots in the direction that the hair grows, and then quickly peel it off with a push in the opposite direction. If some hairs remain, repeat the procedure.

It is safe to apply Halawa Wax on your private areas. Applying wax on injured or damaged skin, particularly in close contact to the eyes, requires caution.

Halawa Wax is 100% organic wax made with sugar and honey you don't need to heat it just open it and apply on your skin.

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